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Healthcare in Iraq has experienced many ups and downs owing to its political and social instability. With very little public health funding during the reign of Saddam Hussein, Healthcare in Iraq suffered a major setback. During that time doctors and medical professionals were paid minimal salaries and health care institutes were in an abysmal situation.Starting from the year 2004, few developments in Healthcare in Iraq occurred. With the help of funding from foreign countries, many hospitals and healthcare centres were built. This phase in Iraq’s history started to reveal a sort of facelift for Healthcare in Iraq. Ever since the poor health situation in Iraq came into international focus, the healthcare scenario has undergone much change and transition.The developments in Healthcare in Iraq include intensive training of many medical professionals. What the health sector in Iraq critically lacked were experienced and well trained doctors. This crisis of medical professionals came into focus since 2004 and much improvement has taken place ever since.

During the 1970s, Iraq enjoyed the benefits of a centralized free health care system. Through this system, a majority of the urban and rural dwellers of the country got free access to healthcare services in Iraq. However owing to numerous political upheavals, Healthcare in Iraq has steeply fluctuated over the years.The health care situation in Iraq calls for more urgent attention. There are thousands of people who are victims of war and violence. At times there are too many patients calling out for urgent medical care and too few doctors. The injuries borne out of bomb blasts demand special care and attention, and Iraq is still not equipped with sophisticated health care systems to handle such cases.According to reports by the UN, there are hundreds of specialized medical professionals in Iraq who have left their homes for safer shores around the world. This leaves Iraq with very few skilled medical staff. Undoubtedly the need of the hour is to get more trained and efficient medical staff to manage a violence stricken country like Iraq.In Iraq there are lot of patients waiting for their turn to undergo complicated surgeries and operations. While some of these patients are lucky enough to get treated fast, some have to wait for a long time before receiving any sort of medical attention.

The after effects of war have left an alarming toll on the health situation in Iraq. Healthcare in Iraq demands specialized medical approaches to treat the thousands of victims of war waiting for medical support. There are many people living with chronic health problems as a result of the war; most of these cases are serious and require immediate medical assistance.There are many violence afflicted areas in Iraq where healthcare is still wanting. However, compared to the time when there was a serious crisis of health care in Iraq, the present situation feels like a big leap. The US has spent a significant amount of money to finance Healthcare in Iraq over the years, and the effects are visible in the many hospitals and health care centres that have mushroomed in many parts of the country.

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